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Global Health Opportunities are often unidirectional, and often not accessible to the Global South. Youth Centre for Global Health Research, a principle Global South Youth-led Global Health Think Tank, aims to provide sustainable, easily accessible and affordable opportunities for youth, all the while empowering them to be Global Health Leaders of Tomorrow.


As a member

You will be able to be a part of and lead your own projects, access to be part of our working groups, work with us on policy, research and workshop collaboration, get to be a part of our national and international delegations, get access to our community based-rural health and education internships, conferences and various other opportunities as they arise

Individual Membership

Currently there is no membership structure, so no action is needed

Organisational Partnerships

For organisational membership please contact


For opening new chapter please contact


For Commissioning a project/research with us please contact

Youth Centre for Global Health Research strongly believes in a multidisciplinary, multisectoral, integrative and collaborative environment for development of future Global Health Leaders. Hence YCGHR welcomes youth from all disciplines and sectors, regardless of education background who are interested to expand their horizons and contribute to the future of Global Health in any ways possible, to join us.

YCGHR considers ‘Youth’ to be a person between the ages 15-30 years.

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