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Youth Centre for Global Health Research: An Overview

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Youth Centre for Global Health Research is a youth-led, non partisan, non profit, global health think tank which aims to foster interdisciplinary youth engagement and establish equitable Global North-South Partnerships to empower future Global Health Leadership.

Currently holding secretariat in India, we are a registered charitable trust.

Vision: To (R)evolutionize Global Health

Mission: Enable young people to enact tangible changes in improving Global Health and Equity by fostering sustainable and ethical research, education, advocacy, leadership and community action through capacity building, dialogue and innovation.

Why Join Us

Global Health Opportunities are often unidirectional, and often not accessible to the youth of Global South, due to a variety of reasons such as representation or finances.

We at Youth Centre for Global Health Research, a principle Youth-led Global Health Think and Do Tank, aim to provide sustainable, easily accessible and affordable opportunities and engage young people in global health through our commissioned advocacy, research and policy projects to enact tangible changes and influence global health policy and legislation.

Our Structure

If you are interested in working with us, please look through this link for more information

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