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Privacy Policy

Data Protection Notice

One of your rights under EU law is that you must be informed when your personal data - also known as personal information - is processed (collected, used, stored) by any organisation. You also have the right to know the details and purpose of that processing.

Some of the services offered on our website require the processing of your personal data. In such cases, links are available on those pages directing you to the specific information about the processing contained in the relevant data protection notices.

Here we give you a general overview of some of the ways this website processes your personal data

Your personal data and our website

  • We collects your personal information only to the extent necessary to fulfil a precise purpose related to our tasks

  • We will use your personal data for direct marketing purposes

  • We do not reuse the information for another purpose that is different to the one stated

  • We put in place measures to guarantee that your data are kept up-to-date and processed securely

  • Under certain conditions outlined in law, we may disclose your information to third parties, (such as the European Anti-Fraud Office, the Court of Auditors, or law enforcement authorities) if it is necessary and proportionate for lawful, specific purposes

  • You have the right to access your personal information, to have it corrected and the right to recourse; at any time if you believe your data protection rights have been breached

  • We do not keep your personal information for longer than necessary for the purposes for which we collected it

  • However, we may keep your information for a longer period for historical, statistical or scientific purposes with the appropriate safeguards in place


Our site does not use any cookies. 

Social Media

We use social media to present our work through widely used and contemporary channels.Our use of social media is highlighted on this website.
For instance, you can watch videos, which we upload to our YouTube page and follow links from our website to Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Cookies are not set by our display of social media buttons to connect to those services when our website pages are loaded on your computer (or other devices) or from components from those services embedded in our web pages.
Each social media channel has their own policy on the way they process your personal data when you access their sites.
For example, if you chooseto watch one of our videos on YouTube, you will be asked for explicit consent to acceptYouTubecookies; if you look at our Twitter activity on Twitter, you will be asked for explicit consent to accept Twittercookies; the same applies for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.
If you have any concerns or questions about their use of your personal data, you should read their privacy policies carefully before using them.

Complaint handling

Which kinds of personal data does the website process?
We process the personal data submitted by website visitors. This will include names, contact details as well as the content of the allegations (insofar as the latter qualify as personal data).

Who may receive my personal data?
The case file containing your personal data is accessible to relevant members of our staff. All access to case files is logged.

What are my rights?
You are entitled to access the personal data we holds about you and to have them rectified where necessary. In certain cases, you also have the right to have your data blocked or erased or to object to their processing. For more information, please see Articles 13 to 19 of the Regulation.To exercise any of these rights, please contact us using our contact form. We will reply within three months. Please note that in some cases restrictions under Article 20 of the Regulation may apply.

How long do you keep my data?
We keep log files - including your personal data - for up to two years

Who can I contact?
You can contact us as;
You can find complete contact information on website contact page.

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